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Are you interested in rendering the following services, or do you fit in to the following category:

- Vehicle(s) owner looking to utilise such vehicle(s) to render delivery services

- Vehicle(s) owner or non vehicle owner willing to run errand services, with excellent knowledge of road network and transport systems.

- Logistic company looking to operate via the vffp platform for greater outreach and clientele

Steps to ensure a successfully completed application:

Step 1: fill the per-registration form below. Once filled, you are to compulsorily create an account in the next page that appears after you click submit for your per-registration to be Validated.

Step 2: Reception of 1st and 2nd confirmatory email.

Step 3: Fill, sign and send back the application form attached in the second email.

Step 4: Pay the monthly (4 weeks cycle) fee attributed to your choice service category, and mail the proof of payment.

Step 5: Voila! Your service gets uploaded once all the above have been fulfilled, to commence the subscription cycle.

Please note that for whichever category of service you apply for, you will be required to submit alongside your completed and signed form some required documents. These documents may vary based on the service type selected. Lastly, kindly note that you shall operate under the title of "Independent Agent (IA)". This simply means that you are at liberty to refuse or accept requests, finalize transactions and arrangements independently, while respecting the terms of engagement and guidelines stipulated in the form that you will receive.

Individuals, Vehicle Owners




Are All Welcomed

Kindly Fill the Form Below

Note: If you were referred by one of our official agents and you pay for a full year's subscription, you will be gifted a BONUS MONTH.

Select the service type you wish to render
What Type of Vehicle do you Own or Operate

Did you miss the instructions after submitting the form?

Please note that even though clicking the button below gives you access to the instructions & links, for your registration to be valid, you must first preregister, using the form above. The first step of this application process is mandatory, and must precede the documentation phase.

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