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The Beginning was the concept borne out of growing up and being nurtured by a mother who had strong entrepreneurial skills. My mother Lolo Paulina Ibari Ihebuzor nee Akujobi was a mother of many biological and adopted children numbering close to 50. She sewed, planted, cooked and gave care. She was a woman leader lifting the social and economic status of women in her neighborhood and beyond. She traveled far and wide with her husband.. My father, Chie

Who are we?

Vechi begun from a small apartment in MAITAMA Abuja. NIGERIA. Incorporated then as Vechi Ventures Limited at the Corporate Affairs Commission through the help of the Prince Om'Oba Jerry Adesewo. We wrote poems, proses, articles and supported a very focused Abuja Literary Society. Find Below all that Vechi stood for:

1. Vechi did Edutainment for and with children, schools, social organizations etc.

2. Vechi ran a children's play center @the Silver bird Galleria.

3. Vechi partnered with the National theater to celebrate children's day.

4. Vechi organised mini musical shows.

5. MC, compere activities and one man musical team.

6. A dance group known as Vechi Dance Squad featuring at university social gatherings.

7. Arts and crafts mentoring for children even internationally.

8. Vechi has a creative and skills acquisition team teaching children from Africa to Europe.

Ten years ago through a new company Vechi Fresh Farms, VECHI decided to diversify into a project that helped rural women farmers to sell their products by:

1. Repackaging dry grains and milled food stuff such as local rice, beans, Garri, Unripe plantain flour, yam flour, cassava flour, beans flour etc .

2.Cassava farming and production of Fufu and Garri ijebu and yellow Grain.

3.Branding and packaging of these foodstuff to end consumers through supermarkets and retailers.

4.Branding as souvenirs for parties and events.

By 2019, the Vechi dream to own a Bakery became a reality. Vechi Bread and cakes Limited berthed. Baking differently with a touch of the taste of what we enjoyed as bread growing up. Vechi bakes and brands for celebrations.

Vechi Charity via #5Vechi platforms is the joy of the stakeholders. Here social capital and networth has supported Vechi to help sacrificial givers achieve alms giving desires effortlessly. Monthly, widows, orphanages, the sick, abducted, indigent women in business, shelter for those displaced, academic support for children and the needy are touched through voluntary contributions by sellers and buyers at the platform.

Vechi logistics, Vechi errands, Vechi employment of youths is our joy.

Send in your materials and let Vechi professionally build your website, expand your social media horizon, script a promo for you, produce a jingle and help you buy slots on TV, RADIO, PRINT AND OTHERS.

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