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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

VECHI SHIPS through its business connections with reputable shippers and owned logistics or outsourced logistics. VECHI offers you the opportunity of best deals in the in all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Beyond Nigeria we will ship your purchases to your doorstep with care. Just be sure to fill our forms, give details of originating and final destinations. We urge you to call, whatsapp or text our HELP LINE  + 234 806 400 2323 to know our policy of shipping.

Note that Terms and Conditions apply when VECHI ships.

Vechi Return and Refund

At Vechi, we assure you of quality and quantity. Our source guarantees both. We are simply competitive.
We aptly tagged our return MAKE GOOD. It's different and soothing because we take responsibility but terms and conditions apply thus:


  1. While taking your order, VECHI ensures you communicate your order clearly.

  2. We help you by stipulating  a time frame for returns.

  3. Returns must be justified with expected condition of returns differ according to nature of goods.

  4. Not all items are returnable eg food items

  5. VECHI may replace but may  not receive the items such as food back

  6. Please contact VECHI through its representative or vendor for more details.

  7. Keep evidence of payment handy, keep the language simple and to the point.

VECHI LISTENS   VECHI CARES. VECHI is your partner in making buying and selling emotionally intelligent.

We are VECHI, your healthy lifestyle partner.

Exchange Policy - The Vechi Rule

We are willing to serve. We have carved a niche since 1991.
Our cliche is ... VECHI your Healthy lifestyle partner. In view of this, once you have placed your order, paid and picked your clearly communicated order, VECHI allows you to pick up or delivers as may be agreed.

Foodstuff or edibles, personal hygiene items once picked and out of VECHI outlets cannot be exchanged for hygiene and safety concerns. Terms and conditions apply.

Don't forget that VECHI is your healthy lifestyle partner.

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